Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love those Vandyboys!

Finally--I have pictures!! (Yes, I know they are out of order. Since you already know the outcome, I think it's okay.) I'm about a week late in sharing these and recounting my experience from the Super Regional, but we'll call this timely since it's the day before our first-ever CWS game. I don't follow baseball like I do other VU sports, but I wouldn't have said three months ago that this was finally going to be our year. I'm so used to the Vanderbilt curse that I may not believe we're in Omaha until George Bush throws the first pitch on Saturday.

I'm sad to report that I won't be going to Omaha. After planning my personal life around Vanderbilt athletics for the better part of five years, I planned a trip to Vegas for next weekend back in January without the slightest thought of post-season baseball conflicts. I mean, there are only so many times you can plan your Christmas vacation around bowl games and be certain to keep the Sweet 16 weekend free and end up sitting at home watching other teams play. I finally gave up...the ONE time we actually MADE IT! It's okay though...if the Dores are still playing next Friday, you can be certain I will be at a casino sports book watching on a big screen. Hell, I might even bet on the game (can you bet on college baseball?).

As for tomorrow...find a TV...put on your black and gold...and watch Vanderbilt sports history! GO DORES!

(As for the title, I'm not sure that "Vandyboys" is grammatically correct, but that's what the teams (and fans) calls itself on Twitter (yes, I'm a stalker). Therefore, if the name is good enough for the players, it's good enough for me!

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  1. I promise I will wear a Vandy shirt tomorrow. I wont be caught dead in another green one even though they won with me wearing it.